At Harwood Savin we advise upon various areas of town planning, across a broad spectrum of land uses and development types.

Our scope of services are below:


Planning Feasibility Assessments

Assessing the planning potential of sites and properties for alternative forms of development and looking at ways of unlocking development potential.

Pre-Application Advice

Reviewing proposals as they evolve and prior to submission of a formal planning application. Undertaking consultation with council planning officers and local stakeholders. Working alongside architects and technical consultants to advise on the most appropriate and effective strategy for achieving the clients objectives and identifying the potential risks.

Planning Applications

Working closely with our clients to prepare, submit and negotiate all types of planning applications for all forms of development. For larger projects, we are experienced in co-ordinating multi-disciplinary project teams to deliver a comprehensive submission. As part of the application package we also prepare planning supporting statements and statements of community engagement.

Section 106/CIL Negotiations

We strive minimise planning gain obligations and hence potentially significant costs for our clients and have experience of negotiating complex Section 106 Agreements for various types of major developments as well as advising clients upon the most appropriate strategies for minimising CIL liabilities.


Occasionally planning applications are refused or not determined by local authorities within a reasonable timescale, which provides an opportunity to lodge a planning appeal. We have experience of dealing with planning appeals, and can offer assistance with written representations submissions, informal hearings and public enquiries, preparing evidence, making submissions and appearing at appeals on behalf of our clients.


Engagement is a key part of the planning process. Taking account of community and political opinion early in the formation of proposals and responding proactively to this can assist in speeding up the overall planning application process. We have extensive experience of promoting development proposals to local residents, businesses, councillors, politicians and other key stakeholders.

Third Party Representations

We often prepare representations on behalf of our clients in objection to or in support of development proposals and also evolving planning policy. We have experience in making representations to small domestic scale planning applications as well as large-scale commercial development proposals.

Development Plan Monitoring

Influencing planning policy at the early stages of its formulation can assist in releasing value from sites and premises at a later date. We advise clients upon the implications of and appropriate strategy for making representations to all types of local and national planning policy and guidance.

If you are unclear as to which services you require, please do contact us.